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Title:Original Sin
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The greatest lie the devil ever told was to himself.

The first time Lucifer fell in love, things ended badly. People were killed, lives were destroyed, and the world was nearly annihilated. Twice. Suffice to say, falling in love is a mistake he’s determined to never repeat.

Even with someone like Eden Greene—a human who, despite knowing his identity, is unimpressed, unafraid, and unwilling to cut him any slack. She makes him feel things he hasn’t in eons. Desperate to protect himself, Lucifer erases Eden’s memories of him and their time together before returning to Hell to lick his wounds.

Eight months later, his friend Jehovah still insists letting Eden go was foolish, and puts an unwitting Lucifer on a path that forces him back into Eden’s life. Only now, Lucifer finds he doesn’t want to walk away…and the more time they spend together, the harder he falls.

Lucifer knows he won’t be able to keep the truth from Eden for long, but there’s no good way to tell the woman he loves that he stole her memories. Especially knowing that returning those memories might be what finally makes Eden realize what it means to sleep with the devil.

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  • LMR

    Original Sin: An Unholy Paranormal Romance (Sinners & Saints Book 8) By: Rosalie StantonMeet The Author of "Original Sin," & Let The Temptation BeginHe's the Guy We're TAUGHT to FEAR & HATE...BUT......

  • Caroline Doig

    Fantastic story I loved it and who would of thought that Lucifer would need group counselling I guess even the devil has problems pertaining to his heart. I loved Lucifer’s and Eden’s story, Lucif...

  • Riley

    Lucifer goes to therapy and gets more than he bargained for in this charming, witty, sometimes serious, and steamy book. Trust issues are obviously going to be an issue when dealing with the devil him...

  • Tameka

    Eden and Lucifer’s story was a great read. You find out that Lucifer killed his ex-wife Lilith was killed in the great battle. Lucifer has feeling for Eden and because he’s so afraid of relationsh...

  • J. Ockenhouse

    That blurb screamed for my attention. Paranormal isn't my favorite theme but when I started reading that became an afterthought. I got hooked in the story. The characters have an allure and laid the c...

  • Scarolet Ellis

    Original Sin: An Unholy Paranormal Romance by Rosalie Stanton is a great story to read. This is book number eight in this great series that I really enjoyed reading very much. I recommend this story t...

  • Brenda Moser

    This is a well written paranormal romance with an entertaining and sexy story line. The author does a great job bringing an exciting and enjoyable story that had me hooked from start to finish. I love...

  • Elvira

    This was a great book with well developed characters an engaging storyline that kept me interested and entertained from the beginning to the end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and...

  • Pat W

    Fantastic book and gripping. Characters were great and well developed. The storyline will keep you thrilled throughout. ...

  • Rosalie Stanton