Tending Troubles

Tending Troubles


Title:Tending Troubles
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:236 pages

Traveling west to become a mail-order bride is the most adventurous act Bostonian Imogene Franklin ever did. Unfortunately, the groom chose another so now Imogene must make her way on her own. Dreading the idea of returning home to continue raising her siblings, she is reduced to waiting tables in the Dorado café.
Guilt hangs heavy over Reggie Othmann—ever since he brought home a childhood illness that claimed both his parents’ lives. The ink is barely dry on Reggie’s degree when he arrives home in Dorado to establish a medical practice. All he’s wanted since he was ten years old is to help people, but the townspeople have been without a doctor for so long, they don’t flock through his doors as expected.
An illness sweeps the town, and Reggie is overwhelmed, fearing he’s not qualified to heal them. Imogene steps in and together, they work hard to prevent anyone from dying, spending days together. Is their emotional tie born of the closeness of the ordeal or perhaps something more?

    Tending Troubles Reviews

  • Robyn Echols

    Well-researchedGreat romance about two people adjusting to the quirks and insecurities of the other. One is a doctor who learns the hard way that text books and a diploma does not mean he has nothing ...

  • Earlene Click

    Trending TroublesImogene and Reginald were really tending to some big Troubles. They worked together for all to have a very happy ending....

  • Anita Rohn

    QuarentineIllness in the town's school children helps two lonely people find the place they are looking for in the community and in each other's arms. ...

  • Cindy Nipper

    Work leads to loveThis was a wonderful book! I loved the slow and gradual discovery as they each saw the other on a deeper level by working side by side! Beautiful!!...