Phoenix Fire and Dragon's Ire

Phoenix Fire and Dragon's Ire


, Romance, Fantasy

Title:Phoenix Fire and Dragon's Ire
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:75 pages

Sexy, phoenix-shifter, biker, bad boy + strong, sassy, dragon-shifter, secret agent = stormy passion forged in heated battles.

Paris and her twin sister are devastated when their father dies. Their heartbreak is short lived when they discover terrible family secrets that threaten to change their lives forever. The idea they were created in a lab is unfathomable. They must search for answers to discover their true calling.

Carter is tired of being errand boy for the Shift N Ride Motorcycle Club and he plans on blasting this news to his chapter president when he gets home. If he gets home. He is intercepted on his final delivery by a rival club member and a simple bank deposit becomes a deadly hold up.

Love doesn’t always happen when life is going smooth, sometimes it happens when your world is turned upside down. Gerri Wilder recognizes this and after a couple of strangers save her during a bank robbery, she makes it her mission to let them know they were made for each other.

Paris and Carter may be perfect mates, but their lives are in turmoil and the timing isn’t right. He is feeling devalued, she is facing a hidden secret that changes everything she has believed in her entire life. To find love, these two must escape a bank heist, rescue her sister, take on a rival biker gang out for blood, and discover the truth about who they are.

Warning: this book contains fiery hot sex scenes (the kind your mother warned you about), adult language, and violence. Fair warning? Not recommended for the faint of heart. However, if you like searing hot passionate sex between a hunky, bad boy biker, phoenix-shifter and his brave, sassy, dragon-shifter military secret agent mate and great page turning action from beginning to end then grab a copy today. Enjoy!

This is a stand-alone romance with an HEA.

Bonus material: This book contains a chapter of Phoenix and a Dash of Sass, and Blazing Tales.

    Phoenix Fire and Dragon's Ire Reviews

  • Racy

    Love shifters and love MC books and in this book we get both. How awesome is that. Paris was really going through a hard time. Well her and her sister was going through a hard time. Their father had d...

  • Jane

    A biker on club business and a pair of sisters investigating their newly revealed origins after the death of the man they've always believed was their father are accessing their safe deposit boxes whe...

  • Tabi Ann

    Beautiful StorylineThe idea behind this story is a beautiful idea and I was truly in love with it. The story brought out feelings as you read about the girls search for answers about their life. You c...

  • Patti

    During a tragic loss in their lives, sisters Paris and a London, cross paths with sexy MC biker, Carter, but not in the normal meet and greet way. The storyline touches onto the mysterious history of ...

  • Dawn Carey

    Phoenix Fire and Dragons IreAs normal for the Paranormal Dating Agency series, this book is an awesome read. Amazing storytelling about shifters finding their perfect match. These books are going to m...

  • Nancy Bodie

    Good start to a story!This is a well written story that ends without knowing if they get a HEA. I really liked the characters and the storyline and hope it continues....

  • Jami Brumfield


  • Shyla Wright

    This book is absolutely amazing. What happens when Paris and London cross paths with Carter? Carter is a sexy, phoenix-shifter, biker, bad boy and Paris is strong, sassy, dragon-shifter, secret agent,...