To Make a King

To Make a King


, family-friendly, Fantasy, Romance

Title:To Make a King
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition

Family. Love. Magic.
Friends and Enemies. Crowns and Usurpers.
Visit Verridian and meet an unforgettable cast of characters in a world you can sink your teeth into.

To Make a King is a Young Adult Fantasy in three parts.

Part One: A True Prince
Two friends discover the key to a mystery that, once unlocked, will change everything. Enemies they didn't know they had unleash magical forces to make sure the secret never comes to light.

Part Two: To Make a King
Dark magic undermines the Crown Prince's succession, and a young prince is encouraged to take action against his half-brother in a plot to usurp the crown. Before the sun sets on coronation day, brother will face brother and swords will be bared.

Part Three: Should Monarchs Stumble
When the new king stumbles, an old enemy is quick to take advantage, conspiring to take the kingdom by force. The king’s jester must decide whether to back the usurper, or help the king choose to be a better man.

**Quarterfinalist in the 2019 Epic Fantasy Fanatics Readers Choice Awards #2019EFFys**

"I was hooked from the beginning to the end. It was a roller coaster ride at times and never left me disappointed. I don't usually read YA but I'm glad I took a chance on this book. It was awesome!" Donna ~ Goodreads reviewer.

"Cramer knows how to weave a magical story that keeps readers engaged, with unique and entertaining plots, as well as great attention to detail and awesome characters that are real to life!" Deb ~ Goodreads reviewer.

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  • Misty Mount

    This was a lovely combination of three separate but connected stories full of adventure and romance. I particularly enjoyed the second story but they all had enough action to keep me entertained. Clea...

  • Heleena Brown

    I've just finished reading the trilogy and safe to say I loved the story and the way its been written. Each story flows effortlessly to the next making it gripping and you don't want to stop reading. ...

  • Riah Pilling

    Having just a moment ago finished this full trilogy i can say with complete honesty that this story has gripped me completely. All loose ends have been tied yet I've fallen so in love with these chara...

  • Deb

    The Magic of Verridian is a refreshed version of the same fan-freaking-tastic fairy tales for adults, both young & old! Known as the Bonnie Isles trilogy, this is a well-written, page-turner by Ms. Cr...

  • Donna

    To Make A King is an epic tale of Good vs Evil, of sibling rivalry nearly destroying a family, of corruption and greed nearly destroying a peaceful kingdom, and of love being the most powerful weapon ...

  • Abby Pechin

    I was expecting more from this fantasy novel, but it easily transgressed throughout the time in which the book takes place. This fantasy was a typical Young Adult type of novel. For fans of the genre,...

  • Kristi Cramer