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Format Type:Paperback
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"You will not fear the terror of the night." Psalm 91

A monstrous waking nightmare is pursuing graduate student Hailey Maniates across San Francisco to Golden Gate Park where she is rescued by a towering homeless man. She seems able to read her rescuer's mind, but is it just a delusion? Doctors diagnose her as a paranoid schizophrenic and attempt to prescribe away her alleged hallucinations. But too many questions remain around Hailey and the man who saved her. He appears to suffer from her same mental condition and is convinced that some type of Gypsy vampire is trying to kill them both.

Against reason, Hailey finds herself more and more attracted to this strange man. But what if he is a fantasy? What if he is the monster?


"From its stunning first scene to its heartwarming last, Shade is a striking tale of mystery and danger that kept me hooked. This is Olson's finest work yet, and reading it, one gets the feeling he's just getting warmed up."

Robin Parrish, author of Relentless and Merciless

Unseen enemies. Questioned sanity. The weighing of reality. All the things I like in a book! The shadows are not silent. I lost sleep over this book. I got goose bumps from this book. The kind of scary that you crave and cringe at, Shade offers up a monster made more frightening by its originality. Thanks a lot, John Olson--because of you, I will not walk alone at night for a long time to come."

Tosca Lee, author of Demon: A Memoir and Havah: The Story of Eve

John B. Olson is a seasoned storyteller, and Shade is quite a story! As the heat turns up, and as menacing tones and brooding characters abound, the theme of God's grace boils to the surface. A few years back, Olson gave us a new twist on Jekyll & Hyde; now he puts his own fast-paced spin on the Dracula story. I can only hope there's a sequel in the works!"

Eric Wilson, author of Field of Blood and A Shred of Truth

Shade is a smart, gripping thriller. John B. Olson whips you along in a breakneck odyssey through a hellish paradise lost--and keeps you up all night doing it."

Melanie Wells, author of My Soul to Keep and When the Day of Evil Comes

"Things that go bump in the night are not all figments of overwrought imaginations or evidence of mental illness. As our heroine discovers, evil personified preys on the ignorance of its victims. Lock your doors and windows, leave the lights on, and hunker down for a splendid, spine-chilling read."

Donita K. Paul, author of the DragonKeeper Chronicles

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    I've dumped my first paragraph of comments in this review, b/c I think I was a bit overly negative-- this really is one of my favorites of John's books, and as long as you take it as the start of a se...

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    Review by Jill WilliamsonWhen a noise scares Hailey from the science department at her collage, she runs. A great fear presses down on her and suddenly she can see herself, as if she is looking throug...

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    This book only got 3 stars because every review said "oh, it was so scary" and when I read it, I didn't think it was frightening at all. It's probably true that I have a higher scare tolerance than so...

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    A student is saved by a homeless man and starts to think she is crazy. Plot lines are thrown at us from every direction, to the point where you think *you* might actually be crazy. Just not enough her...

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    This was okay -- loved the writing style but felt like the author was unnecessarily vague with plot details. ...

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    So I just picked this book up in the library randomly last month cause it looked interesting and the reviews on the back cover praised it so highly, so I didn't realize that it was was Christian ficti...

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    Hailey Maniates was a tall and beautiful third year grad student majoring in Biochemistry. One night, after returning to her lab, she is pursued by someone or something. Terrified, she runs through Go...

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    I stumbled upon this looking for something to do a book report on in a Christian school I was put in. I was drawn to the book by the quote, "Whom do you trust when you can't tell reality from fantasy?...

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    I love stories that expose a fantastic world coexisting with the one we live in, and that’s what I found in Shade. John Olson peels back the layers of our own society and gives us a chilling glimpse...