The Death of Rex Nhongo

The Death of Rex Nhongo

Title:The Death of Rex Nhongo
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Hardcover
Number of Pages:320 pages

In Zimbabwe's capital, a gun left in a taxi brings together five marriages in this intricate and tightly plotted novel.

This is the story of five marriages and one gun.

A British couple wonders at the unknowable city beyond their guarded compound while they build walls between themselves.

An American suspects his new home is having an insidious effect on his 'African queen' and their young daughter.

An enthusiastic young intellectual follows his wife to the city and finds only disillusion.

An Intelligence Officer loses a crucial piece of evidence. It will cost him his marriage, his girlfriend, and maybe his life.

An impoverished taxi driver and his wife find a gun in the cab. From this point on, all their lives are tied to the trigger.

In this tender and brutal portrait of Zimbabwe, the betrayals and conspiracies of the corrupt world are nothing compared to those of marriage.

    The Death of Rex Nhongo Reviews

  • David

    As a former Zimbabwean, I am always intrigued to come across new fiction from my home country. Last weekend, when I came across this book prominently displayed in the local Dymocks store in Perth, Aus...

  • Mrtruscott

    Still thinking about this. Have been off-line/sidelined for a bit. It feels like a win to finish a novel (and perhaps be done with with short story project)....

  • Kenneth Iltz

    The book opens as if it were a work of non-fiction with an account of the mysterious death of Zimbabwean ex-military chief Rex Nhongo in 2011. That political mystery is a haunting presence in the firs...

  • Benyakir Horowitz

    The short: An interesting story about British expats and their relationship (if any) to Zimbabwe that kinda failed to deliverThe long:The Death of Rex Nhongo’s title seems to be about an important m...

  • Mal Warwick

    The Death of Rex Nhongo is framed as a thriller, but its primary value (at least to me) is the intimate portrait it paints of Zimbabwe today.The setting: Zimbabwe’s capital, HarareZimbabwe, as you a...

  • Ruth Hartley

    THE DEATH OF REX NHONGOC.B.GEORGE.Review by Ruth Hartley.Author of "The Shaping Of Water" Matador ISBN 978-1783061-990This is an exceptional novel that in my opinion beats anything written in Africa i...

  • Pamela

    The Death of Rex Nhongo is called a thriller but it isn't one that is typical. It's more of a philosophical novel with violence. Set in Zimbabwe, it starts with a report of the death of a famous Gener...

  • Marcela

    This was also reviewed in the Times summer book review. It is set in Zimbabwe (Courtney!) and the death of Rex Nhongo is event around which the book revolves, but not core to the plot line. The book i...

  • Holly

    I received The Death of Rex Nhongo by C.B. George as a Goodreads Giveaways winner. I loved this book! My only complaint is it wasn't longer! I could even see this being a 3 or 4 book series, going in ...

  • Greg Barron

    Well written, absorbing and interesting. I was totally wrapped up in the lives of British expats, stoic Zimbabweans, and chilling secret police operatives. I would have given it five stars but for a s...