Night of the Candles

Night of the Candles

Title:Night of the Candles
Edition Language:English
Format Type:Kindle Edition
Number of Pages:288 pages

Shortly after the end of the Civil War, lovely Amanda Trent arrives at her cousin's Louisiana plantation to find Amelia dead by mysterious circumstances. Amelia's widower, Jason Monteigne, harbors a darkness in his heart. But Jason isn't the only one on the war-torn grounds with secrets.

When inexplicable things start to happen, Amanda fears the home is haunted and that she's being guided from beyond into a dead woman's life, a dead woman's romance -- and, quite possibly, a dead woman's grave...

Ensnared in a web of mystery, passion and hidden desire, Amanda vows to unravel the truth about her cousin's death, and to discover what it is that haunts Jason's every waking moment.

    Night of the Candles Reviews

  • Karla

    First line:The house stood stark and tired on its hill, a plain white antebellum house with four square columns across the front and two chimneys at each end thrusting toward a darkening sky.***Amanda...

  • Sarah Mac

    This was pretty dumb. ...But it wasn't as bad as the other Blake novels I've read, so I'll give it a weak 3. 'The Giving Tree' got nuthin' on me, y'all....

  • A.M.

    Amanda Trent travels to see her cousin, Amelia, and to tell her their grandfather is dead and has left Amelia a valuable necklace (the collar of Harmonia). It is a longish day trip from where she live...

  • Gwen

    L'unique étoile parle d'elle-même !Je n'ai pas adhéré à l'histoire et aux personnages, j'ai trouvé le tout trop fade, polissé, sans saveur, sans raccord, tiré par les cheveux, bizarre... J'ai ...